Put your Foot Forward for Festability

Christmas is just around the corner, and with that comes the thought of New Year.

Most of us (please say it’s not just me) start to think “Oh it’s only a few weeks to Christmas, I’ll start my good intentions again in January.  New Year, New Me and all that”.

We set ourselves goals to be fitter, slimmer, more productive, more healthy in the forthcoming year.

Usually by the 10th January however, we are sat back on the couch with a box of Christmas chocolates we found forgotten at the back of the cupboard.

Foot Forward for Festabilitylet us help you keep on track in January.

There is evidence that the real challenge of achieving a goal is getting into the habit of going to the gym, eating healthily, etc. So let us help you get into the habit of being more active.

We are organising a sponsored Virtual Walk to help raise funds for Festability. You walk, you get fitter, you tone those thighs and at the same time you raise funds for Festability.

On the days when the sofa is calling you, you know you have to get up and walk in order to meet your goal.

We will also be presenting medals to everyone who completes their challenge.

What is a Virtual Walk?

You walk when you can. Either out on the streets, on a treadmill or marching on the spot in front of the TV (anyone who owns a fitness watch of any kind will have done this at some point)

How Far do I need to Walk?

You can choose to walk

  • the coast line of Kent – 207 miles (approx. 13,000 steps a day),
  • half the coast line of Kent – 103.5miles (approx. 6,500 steps a day) or
  • you can choose a challenge for you.

There are some people out there who regularly hit 20k steps a day while others (me) struggle to hit 5k steps a day so, if the coast of Kent seems beyond you, or perhaps you think you could do that twice (in a week – show off), you can choose your own goal.

You just have to complete your challenge anytime in January 2018.

How do I claim my medal?

You will need to send us evidence of your achievement.

Email fundraising@festability.co.uk with a screenshot of your Fitbit or Garmin dashboard, your Apple Watch Health App or any Fitness watch.

No Fitness Watch?

There are also free apps such as MapMyWalk and Strava you can use. Or you can even send us a screenshot of the treadmill display.

Once have proof from you of your achievement, your medal will be sent to you

How do I sign up?

We are asking people to register for the event. There is a £10 registration fee but this can be deducted from any sponsorship you make. So for example, if you manage to raise £50 sponsorship, you only pay us £40.

If you fail to complete the event, consider the £10 registration fee as a donation to Festability.

Register by purchasing your £10 Registration Fee in our Shop

What can I buy them for Christmas?

What can I buy them for Christmas

Hands up, who would be worth a small fortune if they had £1 for everytime anyone asked this?

Every Christmas (and Birthday), we get asked by family and friends what to buy.  Not just a general idea but a specific list of things our children or young people want.

What can I buy them for ChristmasAs nice as it is, to make sure they do get presents they will use, it can become frustrating when you are struggling with what to buy them yourself.

It doesn’t help when you ask your children, they don’t always know what they want either.  This morning my son said to me “I have my ipad, Alexa and keyboard – why would I want something else?”   When I asked how he would feel if he woke up to no presents, he said “there’ll be chocolate in the house though so I will still be happy”.  Yes, he really is my son with his love of chocolate but this doesn’t help when we are being rang almost daily to be asked for ideas of what he would like.

Let us help you.

Ask family and friends who are looking for ideas to buy your child or young person a ticket for Festability.

They can take advantage of the Early Bird offers which will end before Christmas.  They will also be able to download a gift certificate to give to your child on Christmas Day.

What are you waiting for?

Forward this to them and let them know that this would be a perfect gift.  They can give the certificate to your child at Christmas and your child can visit the site to watch the countdown clock to the big day.

Get your tickets

You can head over to our ticket shop to purchase tickets.  Early Bird tickets are still available but remember, the prices will increase after Christmas so get in early to ensure you don’t miss out



A to Z of Festability

Festability - A to Z

There are now less than 200 days to go.  Tickets are on sale, acts are being confirmed, stands are booking up quickly and we are thrilled with the number of acts and activties we have to offer.

A to Z of Festability

Festability - A to Z

A is for Accessibility (so important), the AutistiX and Abbalicious

B is for Burgers, Beer Tent and Broken Signal

C is for Circus skills, Changing Places suite, Chill out areas and CJ

D is for Disability Friendly, Dance Troupes, Drumming Workshops, DJ Simon Bryant and Derailed

E is for Ear Defenders (may be needed by some) and Exciting!  It’s also for Early Bird tickets – get in quickly, they are going fast!

F is for Field, Family Friendly, Food stalls and Fun Fair!!

G is for Guitars, Glitter Tattos and Gypskazz

H is for Helpers, Hog Roast, Headliners and Hullabaloo

I is for Inflatables, Information Tent and Ice Cream

J is for Jumpers and Juice bars

K is for Karaoke, Kent and a Kind of Mercury

L is for Learning Difficulties, Lanyards and Line Up

M is for Music and Mosh Pits (see how hip and happening we are?)

N is for Noodle bar

O is for Original and octaves

P is for Party, Photos and pioneering

Q is for Quex and Quiet Area

R is for Rock and Rock Choir

S is for Stage, Sounds, Stalls, Sensory Area, Smokin’ Mavericks, Stoned and Shaken Albert

T is for Tent, Tickets and Toilets

U is for Ukulele

V is for Vans

W is for Weather and Wheelchair Friendly

X is for Xylophone

Y is for Yannis and YOU!

Z is for Zzzzzz


Tickets are now on sale.  Early Bird tickets are available (but going fast) so get in quickly.

If, like many others, you are buying these tickets as a Christmas gift, let us know by emailing Debs@festability.co.uk and she will send you a Christmas voucher download so you don’t have to spend hours trying to come up with something to put in the envelope – we’ve all been there!


Tickets are on sale

Tickets for Festability

Tickets for Festability are now available.

Early Bird Tickets

We have some Early Bird tickets available but these are limited, so get in quick!

Tickets for FestabilityCarers Tickets

We have made the decision to offer the ticket at much reduced prices from those of similar events, so that people can afford to pay for carers tickets.

As much as we would love to offer free carer tickets, this is an event for people with disabilities so we could potentially have 50% of our tickets being free.

This would mean us having to really limit the acts and activities appearing to cover the costs of the day.

The cost of other extras being provided to ensure this really is a fully inclusive event all add up.

We do hope you understand.

Buy your tickets now

To buy your tickets, please head to our Shop 


Festability – Update #1

So, are you excited yet?

The feedback we have had has been so positive, and you don’t even know what’s going to be there yet.

We have been overwhelmed by the support we have been given and the interest there is in this event.  Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm.

Today, we wanted to share with you what is in place so far.  We think you’re going to be happy!


Festability Flyer 1
Click image for downloadable flyer



  • Quiet/Chill Out area
  • Sensory Space
  • Karaoke
  • Changing Places Suite
  • Drumming Workshops
  • Fun Fair
  • Tattoos (temporary)
  • Face Painting
  • Food Stalls
  • Trade Stalls
  • Information Stalls
  • and of course, like all good festivals,
  • Beer Tent

What do you think?

Let us know what you think by commenting below, tell us what you love and tell us what you think is missing.

Other acts and activities will be announced, we just wanted to share what we have confirmed to date for you.

Share away

Please help us by sharing this post or if you click on the image of the flyer, this will take you do a downloadable copy you can email to friends and colleagues.

If your child’s school, college or workplace is on email, then send the flyer to them and ask them to distribute.

The more people we get through the door, the better this experience will be for everyone.

If you work for a group or organisation and would like to have a stall to share information with families, then get in touch.


Don’t forget you can sign up to be the first to hear about the tickets going on sale.  If you join our Pre-order list, you will be able to purchase tickets two days before the tickets go on sale.



Eight months to go….

Eight months to go - update for Festability 2018

The countdown is on.

As we write this post, we have 8 months and 1 days to go to the big day.  That doesn’t seem that long as we are busily trying to organise everything behind the scenes.

We wanted to keep you updated though on what is happening.

Organising Committee:

So far we have recruited most of our Organising Committee roles, we are so grateful for the amazing response we received.  We will be introducing you to the team shortly.

Volunteers - FestabilityHow can you get Involved?

Many people have been emailing us asking how they could get involved, if they could have a stand, if they could offer an activity, etc.  So we have put together some basic information and ways to get in touch:

If you have a musical act/group and would like to appear, please contact us through our Acts and Activities page

If you have an activity, you believe our audience would enjoy (music workshops, dance troupes, inflatables etc) then please contact us through our Acts and Activities page.

If you have a stall selling crafts, spinning wheels or any merchandise, then please contact us through our Trade Stalls page

If you have a food stall or van and would like to have a space at the event, please contact us through our Food Stall page

If you are part of a local charity, group, provider or organisation and would like to book a space in our Information tent, then please contact us through our Information Tent page

If you would like to volunteer on the day or help out behind the scenes before the event, please contact us through our Volunteer page.

Tickets for FestabilityTickets

We are hoping to have tickets on sale for the event by October half term.

We will be offering an early bird discount for ticket sales before Christmas – what a great Christmas gift, especially if you spend the months before with people asking what they can buy.

We have had so much interest, we know they are going to go fast, so if you would like to be the first to know that tickets are going on sale, with a link to the page before the general release, please sign up below.

We will email you with the chance to purchase two days before the ticket sales are open to everyone on our site.

FAQs for FestabilityFAQs

We want to put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  It would be so easy to just do a standard list of FAQs but we want to ensure we are answering the questions you have, not just the ones we think you will have.

So if you have a question at all about the event, please can you email debs@festability.co.uk and we will publish the questions together with answers before the end of September.

Social Media - FestabilityFind us on Social Media

If you are not already following our Facebook page, head over and give us a like on there.  We will be posting updates on there regularly now so don’t miss out.

If you are more a Twitter type person, then we are also on there so head over and follow us so you’re in the loop.

Be in the Know

We will be posting much more frequently now to the site.  Giving updates on the acts we have (we already have eight booked and will be sharing their details soon), the various activities happening around the Festival, the craft and merchandise stalls that will be there, the different food stalls and also who will be in our Information Tent.

You will want to be kept up to date so please sign up for updates:

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