We are a group of parents of disabled children and adults who saw a video shared on the BBC and thought “oh we really need to do that here in Kent”.

Of course, this was on a Saturday evening, and we may have been guilty of having one or two glasses of wine when we thought this.  Isn’t that how all good ideas start though?

We were totally overwhelmed by the interest expressed and the offers of support received once we mentioned it to a few people and quickly we decided we had to get this off the ground because the demand was huge.

So we are putting on a Music Festival for people with disabilities living in Kent.

We aim for it to be as close to other Music Festivals as possible, but with some additional elements that will help make it more suitable and be fully inclusive to all.

This will include a quiet/chill zone with sensory lights and sounds, a changing places suite, qualified staff to help assist and a karaoke tent!

Who we are


I sat, with glass of wine in hand, and saw the video from the BBC.  I immediately put a shout out on Facebook to ask who would be keen to help me make this a reality in Kent.   The response was amazing.

I have three children with a variety of special educational needs and disabilities. We have autism, severe visual impairment, hydrocephalus, oral dyspraxia, dyspraxia, global development delay, dyslexia and quite a few more to add to the mix.  My eldest son is 12 and then I have 11 year old twins.  Life is never dull.

My back ground is sales and marketing in the hospitality and travel industry.  I used to think my jobs were stressful.  Then I had children!

I have set up a few charities and community interest companies in the past but my passion is in bringing people together and helping parent carers to thrive, not just survive.  I currently run Life AsPland – offering a large range of planning tools and ways to stay on top of life for parent carers.

I am so excited to be making this idea a reality and so grateful for the amazing team who offered to help me make this happen.

Contact me – debs@festability.co.uk


I watched the video clip of the festival held in the North East, and echoed Debs, feeling of ‘Why not here?’. Subsequently, the passion has continued to grow, and with so much enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the festival, we believe it’s wholly achievable.

I have two sons with autism, aged 13 and 20. The eldest of whom has extremely challenging behavior, so I really understand the need to get this festival right for all types of disabilities.

I am a governor at my sons special needs schools, with responsibility for Safeguarding, and have chaired the PTFA for the past 7 years. Additionally, I’m Vice Chair of a local disabled children’s charity.

My background is in PR and Marketing, however, my commitment has always been to the issues  that surround disability, it’s this passion that I hope to bring to this inspiring project.

Contact me – vanessa@festability.co.uk


I was thrilled to be asked to join the team as planning events is where my heart lies. Like everyone else, the concept of a festival for disabilities, really caught my imagination and we have been overwhelmed by the level of support to date. With the help of a team, we are looking forward to bringing together all the leads and putting on an amazing day, which will hopefully become an annual event.

I have a son, Carl, who is 25 and has Cerebral Palsy, so I’ve lived with the frustrations surrounding parking, accessibility and all the other issues that inherently affect those in wheelchairs.

As co-founder and manager of SNAAP, a local disabled children’s charity, I have both knowledge and experience of planning and running events for different disabilities and am thoroughly looking forward to working on Festability.

Contact me – carrie@festability.co.uk


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  1. We have a 5 year old with global developmental delay, would there be music and activities which would suit his age group? We would also be bringing a 3 year old who does not have any disabling.

  2. Hi This festival sounds like a great idea as the more disability/inclusion/awareness raising events there are, the better! I am the parent of a son who has severe and complex disabilities and health problems and is the drummer in The AutistiX, that also includes 2 other musicians with autism and other disabilities. I am his full time carer as well as being the founder and manager of The AutistiX. We were delighted you contacted us to ask whether our unique band could perform at your Festability Festival next May. We hope to do so as we always aim to support other people with disabilities and their families and professionals involved and to inspire them in illustrating the talent and potential of musicians with autism and other disabilities! Wishing you all the best in organising this festival. Do you know about ‘Disability Pride’ which was held in Brighton in July. It was the first one ever in the UK and we were delighted to perform there. It was a huge success. If you want I could put you in touch with Jenny Skelton who set it up as she may be able to pass on some advice from her experience. Let me know and, if interested, please send your direct contacts eg email addresses. Best wishes, Susan, Band Manager, The AutistiX

  3. Hello. I am really looking forward to bringing members of our inclusive youth club to Festability. Some have asked whether Daniel Wakeford from Channel 4 The Undateables will be performing? Good luck with this amazing event!

  4. I am a support worker working with people with disabilities and also the Mum of a 25 year old son who has autism and learning disabilities .
    I will be telling everyone about your festival and making sure we bring as many people as possible to this fantastic event .
    Just what is needed in Kent well done !

  5. Wow, well done, you, Kent! Well done, you all! Hope this spreads far and wide & inspires others, in towns & cities, nationally. In London we have one called The Beautiful Octopus Club festival at The Southbank, annually. This music & art event is organised by a London learning disability arts charity called HeartNSoul. It is amazing! My son who has classic autism & intellectual disability absolutely loves the learning disability arts at the Southbank. (He is also a remarkable musician who performed jazz improv on piano, just before Robyn Steward on her trumpet, at the Beautiful Octopus Club celebration of music & art. All best to you all. What fun!! : )

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