Festability 2022 – tickets now on sale

Yes, it’s that time of year again and here we go. Tickets for 2022 are now on sale.

Before we tell you more, let’s take the chance to answer some questions you may have.

  • If you purchased tickets for 2020 (yes, it was that long ago), they will still be valid for 2022.
  • The prices have been kept the same for 2022.
    • £15 for a single person or £55 for a family ticket (must include two children).
  • Festability 2022 will take place on Saturday 18 June 2022. Yes, June! How excited are we to have a date in June? The answer is “Very”!
  • We will fully comply with the Government guidance on 18 June 2022 with regard to Covid-19.
  • We do not offer complimentary carer tickets. We are sorry. We would love to do this but unfortunately, carers make up over 50% of our audience. If we did this (believe us we have looked at this every single year), we would have to at least double our ticket prices and we don’t want to do that. Hopefully one day, as Festability grows and our donations/funding increases, we may be able to revisit this but not this year.
  • Tickets will be mailed out from the end of March 2022 – please don’t panic if you haven’t received anything before then.

Christmas Sale

To get the party started, we are having a short Christmas sale.

From today until 21 December 2021, tickets can be purchased at a discounted price.

£12.50 for a single and £45 for a family ticket (again, family tickets must include at least two children).


At Festability 2019, the demand for our merchandise was huge. This year, once again, you can pre-order your merchandise and collect it on the day. This means you don’t lose it before the day and you know it’s paid for before you come, leaving you extra money on the day to spend at one of the trade or food stalls.

Buy now

Christmas Gifts

If you are buying tickets as a Christmas gift, please get in touch with Debs (debs@festability.co.uk) who will email you a pdf for you to print at home.

Festability 2022 flyer - 18 June 2022

We look forward to seeing you all in June 2022.

Support Festability

Logo of Festability 2020

As we are sure you can imagine, the cost of putting Festability on can be rather immense (who knew how much barriers, stages and lighting could cost!!)  We have been approached by a number of people and organisations asking how they can support Festability so we have put together a variety of packages.

£5 support for Festability

Starting from just £5, we are offering people and organisations the chance to support Festability.

With each package, we have shared what this will help us to cover the cost of and also what you can expect in return.

For example, £10 helps us to pay for five people to use the accessible bus to/from the station and £25 helps us to pay for two wheelchairs users to access Mobiloo.

In return, we will have a public Thank you page where we can share your name and contribution.  If you prefer to remain anonymous that it also possible, just email Debs@festability.co.uk

£1000 support for FestabilityOrganisations, who may like to contribute more, can help us to cover the cost of the stages and marquees and in return, we will promote them on our home page and have banners around the venue.

The more they can afford to contribute, the more we can promote them – for example with logos on our lanyards, stalls and complimentary tickets for some friends or work colleagues.

To find out more, head over to our Support page to find out about the event and why you should support us, or if you are already committed, head over to our Support Packages page where you can pay online.

Should you, as an organisation, prefer to support via cheque or require an invoice, then please get in touch with  debs@festability.co.uk

Other ways to support Festability

We do appreciate that for some people it is just not possible to make a financial contribution, so you can support us by buying a ticket and/or merchandise.

Alternatively, you could sign up as a volunteer for the day.

Tickets for Festability 2020 now on sale

Dancing at Festability

The wait is over!  Tickets for Festability 2020 are now on sale.

Dancing at FestabilityWe have been able to keep the ticket prices the same as last year, which offers you really good value for money.

From 15 November to 20 December 2019, we are offering a discounted Early Bird ticket price of £12.50 for a single ticket or £45 for a Family ticket.  Family tickets must include at least two children.

From 20 December, prices will increase to £15 per single ticket and £55 for a family ticket.

Don’t forget, tickets get sent out via post from the end of February 2020 – so please don’t panic.

We are really excited about 2020.  

First of all, it’s now on 20 June so 6 weeks later than usual so lighter evenings and a bit warmer – hopefully

Secondly, we have been inundated with lots of ideas for how to make Festability even better and we are hoping to make some of those ideas a reality – watch this space.

Thirdly, we just love doing it.  On the day as we watch people smile, dance, laugh and just have a great time, it makes all the hard work so worthwhile.

Get your tickets now

So don’t hesitate, pop over now and get yourself a discounted ticket ready for 2020.

Remember, the tickets also make fabulous Christmas gifts – we all know how difficult it can be to buy a present that doesn’t cost the earth but will go down a storm with the recipient.

Festability – Who? What? Where? When? How?


We have lots of new people interested in Festability and we thought we would do a post to answer the frequently asked Who, What, Where, When and How questions we are getting.

If you have more questions, get in touch, we can update this post to help others who may have the same questions.


Quex Park, Birchington, Kent.   Find out more on our venue page.

Overhead view of Quex Park and Festability

Where can I park?

Parking is available on site.  There is no charge for parking.


When does it start/finish?

The gates open at 11.30 with the first band playing at 12.  We will have a DJ, the fabulous DJ 4 Blue, playing as people start to arrive.

The event finishes at 8pm.

When do I get my t-shirt, baseball cap, lanyard etc when I purchase online?

You will get these on the day.  We will not be sending out merchandise.  There will be changing facilities available so you can change your t-shirt if you wish to.

When do I get my ticket if I purchased it online?

Tickets will be sent out via post up to the weekend before the event.   If you order in the week before the event, you will be able to collect them at the gate.


We have the following acts playing on the day.

    • DJ 4 Blue
    • Smokin Mavericks
    • Shaken Albert
    • The AutistiX
    • Meister
    • Funk Mutha
    • DeRailed
    • Black Key & the White Notes
    • Elton Towers


What else is available?

    • Karaoke Tent
    • Messy/Sensory Play
    • DJ Workshop
    • Sing and Sign Workshops
    • African Drumming Workshop
    • Inclusive Sports – new for 2019
    • Fairground attractions – new for 2019
What food is available?
    • Burgers
    • Chips (of course)
    • German Sausages
    • Ice Cream
    • Barista Coffee
    • Hot and cold Kebab Wraps
    • Snow Cones
    • Pizza
    • Curry Rice Patties
    • Gourmet Burgers
    • Sausages
    • Pulled Pork
    • Donuts

All stalls will offer gluten and dairy free options


How do we make it more accessible and inclusive?
    • Mobiloo
    • Chill out zone
    • BSL Interpreters on both stages
    • Several accessible toilets (wider than average portaloo)
    • Chaperones available to help families
How do we buy tickets?

Tickets are available on-line and in some selected venues (venues are cash only).  See our tickets page for more details.

How do I buy tickets at the last minute?

Tickets will be available on the day but they will be more expensive. £20 per single rather than £15.  There are no family tickets available on the day.  It will be single tickets only.

How can I get to you from the train station?

This year we are thrilled to announce that we have joined up with Bexley Accessible Transport Scheme who will be providing a 16 seater minibus running a shuttle to/from Birchington station – operating to coincide with the train timetable.  The vehicle has a fully hydraulic tail life for wheelchair access (please note the capacity of 16 will reduce if wheelchairs are using the vehicle).


You can leave your hat on

Festability BaseBall Cap

Earlier this week, we announced new merchandise for this year – something we didn’t offer last year.  Immediately people have started to buy the shirts and wristbands but we had a few of you ask about baseball caps.

Well, of course we listened.  This is your festival after all.

Festability BaseBall CapWe are thrilled to announce that we have now added a limited stock of baseball caps to our merchandise.

Again, this can be pre-ordered before the event, to be collected on the day.

The image shows the cap with our logo in Yellow.  However, we have a selection of yellow, purple, pink and blue logos available.  If you have a preference, email Debs (debs@festability.co.uk) after you have ordered online and we will make sure your colour of choice is put to one side for you.  Alternatively, you can decide on the day.

You can also find these items on our Merchandise page

There’s only 57 days to go!  

Have you got your tickets yet?

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you can buy online before the event at a much cheaper rate than on the day.

Pop over to our Tickets page to see what works best for you – a few single tickets or a family ticket.  Remember, you cannot buy family tickets on the day, only single tickets will be available.

Already bought a ticket?

If you have already bought your ticket, they will start to be posted out later this month – they look amazing, such a great memento of the day.




Strike a pose

Festability Merchandise

Last year, we were approached by so many people asking where we were selling T shirts or merchandise to promote the event. Sadly, we had to let you all down which was a difficult feeling when all the feedback was so amazing.

Festability Review

This year, we are hoping to make more people’s dreams come true as we are now offering a selection of merchandise.

You can pre-order it now to collect on the day (and don’t worry, changing facilities will be available). We have a really limited stock so get in quickly, we have already had messages from people asking if we are providing them.

So what are we offering?

    • Lanyards, which were a huge success last year.  This year, they are slightly more able to cope with any rain!
    • T Shirts – White or Black.  Small, Medium, Large or X Large
    • Night Glow “I Love Festability” Wristbands – a variety of colours

Get a Night Glow Wristband Free – If you pre-order a t-shirt before the event

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, don’t worry, you can purchase a night glow wrist band without having to buy a t-shirt.

So get ready to strike a pose in your gorgeous t shirt, lanyard or wrist band and let your body move to the music.

Tickets are still available, don’t forget they will be more expensive on the day so get them bought now and use that extra cash to buy yourself another burger, wristband or drink on the day.


Festability tickets for 2019 – now on sale

Tickets for Festability

Thanks for waiting. We have been inundated with people asking when the tickets would be available.

People loved our event in May and are desperate to make sure they don’t miss out on the event in 2019.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ticket Prices

Even better news, not only are they now available to purchase, but our ticket prices have stayed the same as May 2018.

  • Single tickets are £15 per person
  • Family tickets are £55 per person (family of four, must include at least two children under the age of 16)

*** Early Bird offer ***

We’re offering an Early Bird discount in November 2018

  • Single tickets for £12.50 per person
  • Family tickets for £50 per family of four

The Early Bird discount only applies to purchases in November 2018.  It will not be available after that.

On the Day

If you wish to purchase tickets on the day, they will be £20 per ticket.  Family tickets will not be available on the day.


If you have a group of 20 or more people, please get in touch.


Unfortunately, as we have the potential for over 50% of our audience being carers, we are not able to offer carers tickets free or complimentary.

Buy your tickets now:

Click on the tickets you wish to purchase below. You will see the cart in the top right hand corner of your screen when you wish to check out.