Festability Event Induction

At the bottom of the page is a form to complete online to say you accept the terms of the Induction pack.

If you do not complete this before the event, you may get involved in a queue of up to one hour on arrival to complete it on the day.  Take five minutes now to complete.

Festival address is; Event Field, Quex Park Estates, Park Lane Birchington Kent CT7 0BH
SatNav   CT7 0HR
Key Personnel 

Production – Phonophobia Ltd

Event Directors – Carrie Wood, Vanessa Oakes, Debs Aspland

Event Manager – Stephen Wyatt, Kent Events Ltd (on event day only)

Site Manager – Neil Mullett, Kent Events Ltd

Production Manager – Mark Chant / Shiv Margetson (Stages)

Safety Advisor – Carol Ives, Kent Events Ltd

Security Manager – Akon Security

Part 1: Arrival On to Site 
Access to Site Is Only Permitted If You Have; 

Completion of this Induction

Completion of this induction is mandatory for everyone involved in the event.

You must read through this induction and complete and return the form at the end, to be returned to Kent Events no later than 2 weeks before the event.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

You must wear and use PPE appropriate to the tasks you are carrying out on site (All staff on event day must wear Hi Vis and appropriate footwear. No open toed footwear.

Appropriate Accreditation 

When you arrive on site you will be provided with your accreditation before you start work.

Accreditation is located in the accreditation cabin inside Gate 2. Please follow the signs.

On Arrival 

Do not go to the main entrance to Quex Estate located in Park Road. Please approach from the B2050 Manston Road, Birchington and look for the sign Kent Events Gate 2 on a wooden post. On entering Gate 2 park on the grass area on the left hand side and walk to the accreditation cabin. Please be mindful of other traffic in this area.

Part 2: Site Rules 

Everyone working for, or contracted to work at the event are responsible for their own personal health and safety, for the safety of their colleagues and anyone who may be affected by their work, including members of the public. This can be through their actions or in-actions.

By law, all employees and self-employed subcontractors have a number of duties for their health, safety and prevention of fire, these are to:

 Be familiar with the Event Site Safety Rules and to comply with any safety instructions or procedures.

 Co-operate with the Event Management to ensure compliance with statutory duties or any other reasonable health and safety requirements.

 Use properly, and not to interfere with any equipment, materials or facilities provided for use at work in the interest of health and safety.

 Ensure training has been given or received in how to operate any equipment used at the event.

 If no training has been given employees / Subcontractors are to consult their manager for instruction before attempting to use it.

 Demonstrate their competence by providing the Event Management Team with suitable and sufficient risk assessments, method statements, certificates of training and relevant safety data sheets in good time for collation into the safety file.

 Ensure when working at height they have been trained and that any protective equipment supplied is used correctly.

 Report any defects or activities when working at height which presents a danger to themselves or others and not to undertake the activity until the matter has been remedied.

 Be familiar with the first aid arrangements for the event site of work and ensure that all accidents, however trivial, are reported.

 Be familiar with the fire procedures, particularly with regard to the evacuation of the event premises.

 Ensure that any hazards or dangerous practices which may affect their health and safety, or the safety of others are reported to the Event Safety Advisor and the event.

 Ensure that any personal equipment brought into the workplace is suitable for its intended purpose, well maintained and in full working order.

 Accident Recording and Investigation – Any accident or near miss, however small will be reported and investigated by the Event Safety Advisor, logged and remedial controls put into place. If not employed to be on site for the build and break, then this responsibility falls on the Event Manager. If the severity is significant and reaches the actionable level under the RIDDOR Regulations, then the Safety Advisor/ Event Manager will report to the HSE either via telephone or HSE Website.

 All temporary structures, temporary electrical installations, rigging, sound and light installations will be checked and sign-offs collected by the Safety Advisor/ Event Manager. Specific checklists have been developed and will be used to ensure all key areas are covered prior to sign off.

Site Safety Rules 

It is important that you are aware of the safety rules, procedures and arrangements that are in place to ensure the safety of everyone within the event venue.

The following apply to all staff, visitors, contractors and exhibitors:

 All personnel must report to Accreditation to sign in prior to gaining access to the venue.

 Access to the site during build and take down is Gate 2, Manston Road. Access to the site via another entry point is entirely at the risk of the individual. Event Management are not liable for any loss or injury arising from non-compliance.

 Must comply with the venue site safety signs.

 No persons are permitted to operate plant or machinery (including telehandler) unless they

have received adequate training.

 Keys must not be left in the ignition of un-attended vehicles.

 Appropriate management and safe methods of working at height is always required – in any areas where working at height is being carried out, the immediate area must be controlled and hard hats worn.

 Ladder work must only be conducted for short work periods (defined by HSE as less than 30 minutes) – you must NOT stand on the top tier of your ladders – any unsafe ladder work may result in you being removed from the venue. Ladders MUST be of an industrial type (EN 131).

 You are required to work safely and use plant and equipment correctly…they are YOUR responsibility.

 Do not attempt to carry or lift anything that is too big or too heavy.

 Any person suspected to be under the influence of illegal psychoactive substances/alcohol will be ejected from the venue.

 Hi Vis Clothing, must always be worn when working in the venue.

 Appropriate footwear must be worn whilst working in the venue – flip-flops, open-toed, sandals, etc. are NOT acceptable.

 No hot works can take place in the venue without a Hot Works Permit being issued.

 All accidents, incidents & near misses must be reported immediately to the site office.

 Work Tidy – All waste is to be disposed of in an appropriate manner in the skips provided. Do not place waste in the waste bins. A clean site is a safe site.

 Radios, personal music and headphones are not permitted to be played / worn.

 All personnel must report to Accreditation to sign out prior to leaving the venue.

 Be aware when exiting Gate 2 directly onto Manston Road, wind down your window, turn off your radio and listen for oncoming traffic. Only exit when road conditions confirm it is safe to do so.

Site Specific Hazards 

 Uneven ground – Take care when using plant particularly with shifting heavy loads.

 Control your speed.

 There are mobile phone dead spots within the venue.

 Beware of 3rd parties and pedestrians on site.

 The wind is predominantly from the North East, be mindful when erecting temporary structures

 Due to the age of the trees, you are strongly advised not to park your vehicles or leave equipment under the trees.

 Do not under any circumstances enter the Bell Tower area (large tower in centre of field), if something is fenced off it is for a reason.

Manual Handling 

 Only lift and carry loads if there is no alternative such as a forklift, barrow or trolley. Always ask for help if the load is too heavy, big or awkward for you – and always if it is over 25kg.

 Check the route is clear and you have somewhere to put the load down.

 Wear gloves and safety boots as appropriate. Keep your back straight and bend from the knees when lifting.

Plant, Lifting Equipment & Working at Height 

 No persons to operate plant and/or lifting equipment of any description unless they have undergone the relevant training and have the relevant experience. Operators need the appropriate ticket for the machinery being used. This will be spot checked whilst on site. Ensure any telehandlers, particularly larger ones on site, are applicable to your ticket.

 All lifting equipment, machinery, straps, chains and fork attachments must be accompanied by a current certificate of inspection and SWL data or be subject to a provable audit trail.

All forklift and telehandler operators must wear seatbelts at all times.

 The use of hired in man-cages is acceptable for certain operations but the event method statement must be adhered to at all times. Please ask for a copy if required.

 Any unusual lifting operations must be discussed and agreed with the Safety Advisor or Site/ Production Manager prior to the operation being carried out.

 Safety harness (work positioning) or fall arrestors to be worn by all workers working at height, where the risk assessment makes it appropriate. It is mandatory to use a work positioning harness in a man-cage.

 Exclusion zones to be established around areas where work at height or lifting operations are being carried out.

 Any working at height or lifting operations are dependent on weather and ground conditions. Do not jeopardise the safety of yourself or other people working in your area if conditions pose a risk.

 Ladders to be used for short duration and light work activities only. Ensure the ladder is long enough to prevent overreaching and is the correct one for the job. Inspect ladders prior to use and if damaged, remove from use. On this site, ladders need to be footed whilst in use.

 Any person using plant will be required to check the equipment before use and sign the plant check form acknowledging that you have recognised it is fit for use. This must be done daily by each individual. Keys will not be released by the Site office manager until these forms have been completed and received.

 Ensure all unattended plant have the keys removed and safe stop has been adhered to. Hand brake on, gears in neutral, engine off and key removed from ignition.

Tools & Equipment 

 All tools and equipment to be kept in good working order and only be used for the purpose for which they were intended.

 Any defects in tools should be reported to your Manager and removed from use immediately.

 All equipment and tools not in use must be safely and securely stored so as to prevent access to any unauthorised persons.

 All walkways, access points, and emergency exits to be free from obstruction at all times. Do not leave tools and equipment in places that they could create a trip hazard.

 Think Electrical Safety at all times. Use appropriate outdoor rated connectors and plugs if working outdoors.

 Putlocks – Due to the significant risk of hand and arm injury through the use of post bashers, putlocks will be put in through the use of a telehandler and “Barney Pole”. The pole, a bracing section of access tower (can be hired separately rather than compromising the structural integrity of an onsite tower), should be used to hold the putlock upright whilst allowing the crew member to stand away and to the side of the moving telescopic arm. Post bashers will only be used if no other option is available and only after a toolbox talk from the Site Manager.


 On site, the vehicle speed limit is 10 mph. 

 Be aware of pedestrians at all times.

 No reversing or awkward manoeuvres in vehicles without a banks person.

 Vehicles fitted with amber beacons must have them in operation at all times that the vehicle is in Motion.


 Any person found or suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be removed from site.

 No smoking around fuel stores, flammable materials or inside any enclosed spaces.

 Keep your work areas tidy and clean up spills and/or other waste immediately. Fuel spills need to be reported to Event Management immediately.

 All volatile materials such as glues, varnishes, sprays etc must be used in a well-ventilated area away from other members of staff. If this is impossible then other workers must be informed of the work operation and requested to leave the area while it is taking place. The user must wear the appropriate respiratory protection for the product being used.

 Any such materials must be supplied with safety data sheets, be stored correctly and anything particularly hazardous must be discussed with the Safety Advisor or Production Manager prior to use.

Part 3: Suitable PPE 
Hi Viz 

 High Viz Clothing to be worn at all times during the build and break. Hard hats, hearing protection and safety boots to be worn when required. All contractors must supply their workers with the necessary PPE.

 Freelancers must provide their own.

 Consider all likely weather conditions.

 Staff, volunteers etc working the event must wear Hi Viz clothing.

Hard Hat 

 A hard hat must be worn in areas where overhead work is being carried out, or where the venue requires the use of one.

Suitable Foot Wear

 Suitable foot wear i.e boots must be worn.

 No open toed footwear.

Work at Height 

 If you are intending to work at height, please make sure you wear a full body harness with either a fall arrest or work positioning lanyard.

 You should ensure that you have the access equipment that you require for your job. Operators of MEWPS, ‘manlifts’, zip towers and ladders should have the required skills, knowledge, experience and training to operate access equipment.


 Gloves, hearing protection, safety glasses to be worn if your work requires it.

Part 4: Welfare Facilities 

 Toilets are available on site. Please only use the toilets allocated. Do not use any that have been placed within the venue for event use.

Volunteer Welfare 

 Located in a marquee near to accreditation, items left in this location are left at your own risk. The Management accept no responsibility for theft, loss or damage caused.

 Use of the facilities within the Wooden Cabins at the top of the field (near gate 2) is strictly prohibited.

Part 5: First Aid 
First Aider 

Each contractor SHOULD have a designated first aider onsite and carry a suitable first aid kit.

Safety Team 

Each first aider should make themselves known to Carol Ives, the Safety Advisor.

Accident Reporting 

All accidents & near misses are to be reported to the Site Office and/or Safety Advisor asap.

Part 6: Fire & Escape 
Raise The Alarm 

 Raise the alarm by shouting fire, fire, fire and call the Site Office who will initiate an emergency service response.

 Clear the Area.

 Do not enter the area until you are told it is safe to do so.

 Await further instructions from the Management Team.

Firefighting Equipment 

 If possible, and you have been trained to do so, attempt to fight the fire using suitable firefighting equipment ensuring you do not put your own life at risk.

Part 7: Alcohol & Drugs at Work 

There is a ZERO tolerance for being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on site.

If you are suspected of being under the influence of either you will be removed from site immediately.

Part 8: Social Media 

 You are not permitted to take photographs of the event build to post on any form of Social Media without the express permission of the Event Management.

 If using a mobile device on site, do not use it while walking around, stand still and be aware of your surroundings particularly moving vehicles.

Part 9: Terrorism 
Suspect Packages 

 If you discover a suspicious package, then please inform the Event Management

Suspicious People/ Activity 

 If you see anyone acting suspiciously in or around the event site, please contact the Event Management and Give them an accurate description of the person/s and what makes them look suspicious to you.

Terrorist Incident 

 Evacuate the event area as soon as possible following the directions of the PA/ Stewards. It may be safer to remain inside the event area depending on the nature of the incident and its location.

We strongly recommend you watch the video Run, Hide, Tell: Firearms and Weapons Attack (available on You Tube) about reacting to a terrorist incident, please take five minutes to watch it through.

Part 10: Construction & Design Management 

CDM Regulations 2015

This event is not a notifiable project 7

Induction Confirmation 

Thank you for taking the time to read through and complete this induction.

Please fill in your details below to complete the process.  This will be sent directly to us at Festability.

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If you do not complete this before the event, you may get involved in a queue of up to one hour to complete it on the day.

Festability 2019 

Your information will only be used for this event and upon completion, your personal information will be deleted.