There are now less than 200 days to go.  Tickets are on sale, acts are being confirmed, stands are booking up quickly and we are thrilled with the number of acts and activties we have to offer.

A to Z of Festability

Festability - A to Z

A is for Accessibility (so important), the AutistiX and Abbalicious

B is for Burgers, Beer Tent and Broken Signal

C is for Circus skills, Changing Places suite, Chill out areas and CJ

D is for Disability Friendly, Dance Troupes, Drumming Workshops, DJ Simon Bryant and Derailed

E is for Ear Defenders (may be needed by some) and Exciting!  It’s also for Early Bird tickets – get in quickly, they are going fast!

F is for Field, Family Friendly, Food stalls and Fun Fair!!

G is for Guitars, Glitter Tattos and Gypskazz

H is for Helpers, Hog Roast, Headliners and Hullabaloo

I is for Inflatables, Information Tent and Ice Cream

J is for Jumpers and Juice bars

K is for Karaoke, Kent and a Kind of Mercury

L is for Learning Difficulties, Lanyards and Line Up

M is for Music and Mosh Pits (see how hip and happening we are?)

N is for Noodle bar

O is for Original and octaves

P is for Party, Photos and pioneering

Q is for Quex and Quiet Area

R is for Rock and Rock Choir

S is for Stage, Sounds, Stalls, Sensory Area, Smokin’ Mavericks, Stoned and Shaken Albert

T is for Tent, Tickets and Toilets

U is for Ukulele

V is for Vans

W is for Weather and Wheelchair Friendly

X is for Xylophone

Y is for Yannis and YOU!

Z is for Zzzzzz


Tickets are now on sale.  Early Bird tickets are available (but going fast) so get in quickly.

If, like many others, you are buying these tickets as a Christmas gift, let us know by emailing and she will send you a Christmas voucher download so you don’t have to spend hours trying to come up with something to put in the envelope – we’ve all been there!


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