In the current age of YouTube and a variety of live streaming events on social media, so many of our children and young people want to be famous.

If they are anything like my children, you will have found American words being introduced into your daily chats and if you’re really lucky (and I use that term with my tongue firmly in my cheek), your child or young person may also narrate your life in a faux American accent.

A chance to be centre stage

Here’s your chance to win their dream moment – a chance to be centre stage.

We are looking for MCs for Festability – people to introduce the acts before they play.

Do you know anyone who would like to do it?  Your child, young person or perhaps someone you care for?

Have you bought your tickets yet?  

We are running a competition to find a few MCs for the day – open to everyone who has bought their ticket before 30 April.

If you are interested, then complete the form below, providing us with booking reference, before the 1 May, 2018.  

We have a few spaces available so there’s more than one chance of winning.

We will draw the winners on 4 May and let you know that weekend.  That gives you a week to prepare your MC moments.

Good luck!!!


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