Yes, it’s that time of year again and here we go. Tickets for 2022 are now on sale.

Before we tell you more, let’s take the chance to answer some questions you may have.

  • If you purchased tickets for 2020 (yes, it was that long ago), they will still be valid for 2022.
  • The prices have been kept the same for 2022.
    • £15 for a single person or £55 for a family ticket (must include two children).
  • Festability 2022 will take place on Saturday 18 June 2022. Yes, June! How excited are we to have a date in June? The answer is “Very”!
  • We will fully comply with the Government guidance on 18 June 2022 with regard to Covid-19.
  • We do not offer complimentary carer tickets. We are sorry. We would love to do this but unfortunately, carers make up over 50% of our audience. If we did this (believe us we have looked at this every single year), we would have to at least double our ticket prices and we don’t want to do that. Hopefully one day, as Festability grows and our donations/funding increases, we may be able to revisit this but not this year.
  • Tickets will be mailed out from the end of March 2022 – please don’t panic if you haven’t received anything before then.

Christmas Sale

To get the party started, we are having a short Christmas sale.

From today until 21 December 2021, tickets can be purchased at a discounted price.

£12.50 for a single and £45 for a family ticket (again, family tickets must include at least two children).


At Festability 2019, the demand for our merchandise was huge. This year, once again, you can pre-order your merchandise and collect it on the day. This means you don’t lose it before the day and you know it’s paid for before you come, leaving you extra money on the day to spend at one of the trade or food stalls.

Buy now

Christmas Gifts

If you are buying tickets as a Christmas gift, please get in touch with Debs ( who will email you a pdf for you to print at home.

Festability 2022 flyer - 18 June 2022

We look forward to seeing you all in June 2022.

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