We are delighted to confirm that Gypskazz will be joining us at Festability on 12 May.

‘The recipe for Gypskazz begins with the combination of two of the world’s most infectious rhythms, gypsy jazz and ska, then goes on to heap a whole bunch of international flavours on top!

Balkan, Arabic, African, Reggae, Rock and Latin jostle with film and classical strands in a decidedly rich mix.”

A quick chat with Gypskazz:

Tell us how the band came about

The band was put together by MelZebra after she moved to Whitstable from London.

Where is the strangest place you have ever played a gig?

Hmm, there’s been a few.  However, the giant cow shed for Canterbury Beer Festival and St Thomas’ Hospital stand out!

Which band member makes the band laugh the most

CJ probably (not always intentionally!)

Biggest audience you have played to?

Probably the packed Market Square at last year’s Faversham Hop Festival

Hot dog or Burger?

I think we are more of a Burger band

why are you keen to play at festability?

As Gypskazz is a band that has members that live with disabilities that they have never let limit them, it has always been at our core that we should inspire others to feel similarly.



Find out more:

You can follow Gypskazz on Facebook or find out more about them on their website




Don’t miss out on a chance to see them live at Festability on 12 May.

Get your tickets at our online shop.



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