We are delighted to confirm that Smokin Mavericks will be joining us at Festability on 12 May.

‘Smokin Mavericks are a UK Modern Country band based all around Kent, England.

Their music is an amazing blend of popular well known songs from the likes of Brad Paisley, as well as original songs by Ashley.

When you see Smokin Mavericks, you will leave the venue awe-inspired and wanting more. That is why they have been known to put on a spectacle of shows throughout the south east.

So the next time you’re stuck for what to listen to, lend your ears to the glorious country sound that is, Smokin Mavericks.

A quick chat with Smokin Mavericks:

Tell us how the band came about

The band came about when brothers Carl and Ashley were looking for a sound to fit Ashleys song writing talents.

After attending the country 2 country event in London in 2011 we realised that country was the way to play.

Since then we have performed over 100 events, wrote our own songs and are building a fan base and reputation as one of the areas leading new country music acts.

Where is the strangest place you have ever played a gig?

The strangest place we have played……..there isn’t really anywhere that was strange. Just some very small venues.

Which band member makes the band laugh the most

We are all mates so we all make each other laugh and hope that fun factor comes out in our music.

Biggest audience you have played to?

The biggest audience we have played to would have to be the Herne Bay car show last summer. Over 15,000 people attended the event and the crowd in front of the stage would have to have been over 1,000.

First band you saw live As a band or individually?

The first band I (Carl) saw live was Queen at the o2 with Paul Rodgers as the lead singer. Queen are my favourite band and Brian May is a massive influence on my guitar playing.

Hot dog or Burger?


Why are you keen to play at Festability?

We are looking forward to being a part of Festability because this is a unique festival for a wonderful cause and is a great day out for all the families.


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