We are delighted to confirm that Stoned will be joining us at Festability on 12 May.

‘Stoned were formed in January 2012 by vocalist Steven Wood.

Rehearsals started within a couple of weeks and the band soon began to realise that there was a chemistry developing in the music.

By 2016 Stoned were really perfecting their sound, some line up changes ultimately leading to an even more authentic sound and establishing the band as one of the leading Rolling Stones cover bands around.

A quick chat with Stoned:

Stoned - line up imageTell us how the band came about

I formed the band back in 2012- as I Rolling Stones fan I wanted to form a covers band playing only their music. Not a tribute act as such with wigs etc but rather a band more focused on creating the authentic Stones sound. I advertised online for musicians and auditioned interested applicants. None of us knew each other beforehand. We use authentic equipment, and accurate tunings the Stones used like Open G that Keith Richards is well known for. The band has gone through some lineup changes down the years and Bios can be found on the websites. We play all over Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, East Anglia and beyond.

Where is the strangest place you have ever played a gig?

Probably a rather odd Arts Festival we did in Chatham right back at the beginning.

We did play a Christmas gig for the kids at Simons sons special needs school – which was unusual playing to small children but was great fun.

Which band member makes the band laugh the most

Simon is the funniest member of the band by the way (but his humour is marmite to some….lol) and he is the only other original member along with myself, from the bands first lineup.

Biggest audience you have played to?

The largest crowd we have played to was around 3000 people. We have played a fair number of similar outdoor shows to larger audiences and wanted to play Festability in particular as it is a cause close to home for our drummer Simon McIntyte.

First band you saw live As a band or individually?

Live bands we’ve seen – far far too many to mention and cant remember the first. The best I’ve seen was Aerosmith.

Hot dog or Burger?

No contest- Burger!



Stoned Logo - FestabilityFind out more:

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