We are delighted to confirm that The AutistiX will be joining us at Festability on 12 May.

‘The AutistiX’ are a unique rock band. We create our own songs and performs covers. The band’s sound sets us apart, but our 3 youngest members do too: Jack Beaven Duggan, Luke Steels and Saul Zur-Szpiro, all have autism.

We are led by a talented singer and mentor, Jim Connelly, and joined by Jack’s father, John and Saul’s father, Michael.

The band was formed in April 2010. Coming together as a band called ‘The AutistiX’ we were keen to be recognised for our musical talent and are proud to include musicians with autism.

The band, as well as being creative, provides the chance to develop musically, personally and socially.

A quick chat with The AutistiX:

Tell us how the band came about

We started as a community based music group and gradually evolved into a band, naming ourselves The AutistiX and performing gigs locally, nationally and abroad.

We perform at mainstream venues, disability events and fundraisers.

We have recorded our music – we have just released our third EP.

Where is the strangest place you have ever played a gig?

We have performed at lots of different venues. The main thing that makes a gig strange is bad weather when few people turn up and we worry about getting electrocuted by the stage getting wet and worrying about our equipment getting wet!

Which band member makes the band laugh the most

We all make each other laugh!

Biggest audience you have played to?

1200 people

First band you saw live As a band or individually?

We have all seen too many to count, from a very young age!

Hot dog or Burger?

We all have different preferences but none of us are veggie so both would be ok!

Why are you keen to play at Festability?

We are always keen to perform and we are happy to support events that showcase the talent of musicians with disabilities.


Find out more:

You can follow The AutistiX on Facebook or find out more on their website.

Their latest album can be purchased in their Facebook store.



Don’t miss out on a chance to see them live at Festability on 12 May.

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