Festability meets Stoned

Stoned - logo - Festability

We are delighted to confirm that Stoned will be joining us at Festability on 12 May.

‘Stoned were formed in January 2012 by vocalist Steven Wood.

Rehearsals started within a couple of weeks and the band soon began to realise that there was a chemistry developing in the music.

By 2016 Stoned were really perfecting their sound, some line up changes ultimately leading to an even more authentic sound and establishing the band as one of the leading Rolling Stones cover bands around.

A quick chat with Stoned:

Stoned - line up imageTell us how the band came about

I formed the band back in 2012- as I Rolling Stones fan I wanted to form a covers band playing only their music. Not a tribute act as such with wigs etc but rather a band more focused on creating the authentic Stones sound. I advertised online for musicians and auditioned interested applicants. None of us knew each other beforehand. We use authentic equipment, and accurate tunings the Stones used like Open G that Keith Richards is well known for. The band has gone through some lineup changes down the years and Bios can be found on the websites. We play all over Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, East Anglia and beyond.

Where is the strangest place you have ever played a gig?

Probably a rather odd Arts Festival we did in Chatham right back at the beginning.

We did play a Christmas gig for the kids at Simons sons special needs school – which was unusual playing to small children but was great fun.

Which band member makes the band laugh the most

Simon is the funniest member of the band by the way (but his humour is marmite to some….lol) and he is the only other original member along with myself, from the bands first lineup.

Biggest audience you have played to?

The largest crowd we have played to was around 3000 people. We have played a fair number of similar outdoor shows to larger audiences and wanted to play Festability in particular as it is a cause close to home for our drummer Simon McIntyte.

First band you saw live As a band or individually?

Live bands we’ve seen – far far too many to mention and cant remember the first. The best I’ve seen was Aerosmith.

Hot dog or Burger?

No contest- Burger!



Stoned Logo - FestabilityFind out more:

You can follow Stoned on Facebook or find out more about them on their website






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Festability meets Smokin Mavericks

We are delighted to confirm that Smokin Mavericks will be joining us at Festability on 12 May.

‘Smokin Mavericks are a UK Modern Country band based all around Kent, England.

Their music is an amazing blend of popular well known songs from the likes of Brad Paisley, as well as original songs by Ashley.

When you see Smokin Mavericks, you will leave the venue awe-inspired and wanting more. That is why they have been known to put on a spectacle of shows throughout the south east.

So the next time you’re stuck for what to listen to, lend your ears to the glorious country sound that is, Smokin Mavericks.

A quick chat with Smokin Mavericks:

Tell us how the band came about

The band came about when brothers Carl and Ashley were looking for a sound to fit Ashleys song writing talents.

After attending the country 2 country event in London in 2011 we realised that country was the way to play.

Since then we have performed over 100 events, wrote our own songs and are building a fan base and reputation as one of the areas leading new country music acts.

Where is the strangest place you have ever played a gig?

The strangest place we have played……..there isn’t really anywhere that was strange. Just some very small venues.

Which band member makes the band laugh the most

We are all mates so we all make each other laugh and hope that fun factor comes out in our music.

Biggest audience you have played to?

The biggest audience we have played to would have to be the Herne Bay car show last summer. Over 15,000 people attended the event and the crowd in front of the stage would have to have been over 1,000.

First band you saw live As a band or individually?

The first band I (Carl) saw live was Queen at the o2 with Paul Rodgers as the lead singer. Queen are my favourite band and Brian May is a massive influence on my guitar playing.

Hot dog or Burger?


Why are you keen to play at Festability?

We are looking forward to being a part of Festability because this is a unique festival for a wonderful cause and is a great day out for all the families.


Find out more:

You can follow Smokin Mavericks on Facebook or on Twitter.






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Festability meets the AutistiX

the AutistiX - Festability 12 May 2018

We are delighted to confirm that The AutistiX will be joining us at Festability on 12 May.

‘The AutistiX’ are a unique rock band. We create our own songs and performs covers. The band’s sound sets us apart, but our 3 youngest members do too: Jack Beaven Duggan, Luke Steels and Saul Zur-Szpiro, all have autism.

We are led by a talented singer and mentor, Jim Connelly, and joined by Jack’s father, John and Saul’s father, Michael.

The band was formed in April 2010. Coming together as a band called ‘The AutistiX’ we were keen to be recognised for our musical talent and are proud to include musicians with autism.

The band, as well as being creative, provides the chance to develop musically, personally and socially.

A quick chat with The AutistiX:

Tell us how the band came about

We started as a community based music group and gradually evolved into a band, naming ourselves The AutistiX and performing gigs locally, nationally and abroad.

We perform at mainstream venues, disability events and fundraisers.

We have recorded our music – we have just released our third EP.

Where is the strangest place you have ever played a gig?

We have performed at lots of different venues. The main thing that makes a gig strange is bad weather when few people turn up and we worry about getting electrocuted by the stage getting wet and worrying about our equipment getting wet!

Which band member makes the band laugh the most

We all make each other laugh!

Biggest audience you have played to?

1200 people

First band you saw live As a band or individually?

We have all seen too many to count, from a very young age!

Hot dog or Burger?

We all have different preferences but none of us are veggie so both would be ok!

Why are you keen to play at Festability?

We are always keen to perform and we are happy to support events that showcase the talent of musicians with disabilities.


Find out more:

You can follow The AutistiX on Facebook or find out more on their website.

Their latest album can be purchased in their Facebook store.



Don’t miss out on a chance to see them live at Festability on 12 May.

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Put your Foot Forward for Festability

Christmas is just around the corner, and with that comes the thought of New Year.

Most of us (please say it’s not just me) start to think “Oh it’s only a few weeks to Christmas, I’ll start my good intentions again in January.  New Year, New Me and all that”.

We set ourselves goals to be fitter, slimmer, more productive, more healthy in the forthcoming year.

Usually by the 10th January however, we are sat back on the couch with a box of Christmas chocolates we found forgotten at the back of the cupboard.

Foot Forward for Festabilitylet us help you keep on track in January.

There is evidence that the real challenge of achieving a goal is getting into the habit of going to the gym, eating healthily, etc. So let us help you get into the habit of being more active.

We are organising a sponsored Virtual Walk to help raise funds for Festability. You walk, you get fitter, you tone those thighs and at the same time you raise funds for Festability.

On the days when the sofa is calling you, you know you have to get up and walk in order to meet your goal.

We will also be presenting medals to everyone who completes their challenge.

What is a Virtual Walk?

You walk when you can. Either out on the streets, on a treadmill or marching on the spot in front of the TV (anyone who owns a fitness watch of any kind will have done this at some point)

How Far do I need to Walk?

You can choose to walk

  • the coast line of Kent – 207 miles (approx. 13,000 steps a day),
  • half the coast line of Kent – 103.5miles (approx. 6,500 steps a day) or
  • you can choose a challenge for you.

There are some people out there who regularly hit 20k steps a day while others (me) struggle to hit 5k steps a day so, if the coast of Kent seems beyond you, or perhaps you think you could do that twice (in a week – show off), you can choose your own goal.

You just have to complete your challenge anytime in January 2018.

How do I claim my medal?

You will need to send us evidence of your achievement.

Email fundraising@festability.co.uk with a screenshot of your Fitbit or Garmin dashboard, your Apple Watch Health App or any Fitness watch.

No Fitness Watch?

There are also free apps such as MapMyWalk and Strava you can use. Or you can even send us a screenshot of the treadmill display.

Once have proof from you of your achievement, your medal will be sent to you

How do I sign up?

We are asking people to register for the event. There is a £10 registration fee but this can be deducted from any sponsorship you make. So for example, if you manage to raise £50 sponsorship, you only pay us £40.

If you fail to complete the event, consider the £10 registration fee as a donation to Festability.

Register by purchasing your £10 Registration Fee in our Shop

What can I buy them for Christmas?

What can I buy them for Christmas

Hands up, who would be worth a small fortune if they had £1 for everytime anyone asked this?

Every Christmas (and Birthday), we get asked by family and friends what to buy.  Not just a general idea but a specific list of things our children or young people want.

What can I buy them for ChristmasAs nice as it is, to make sure they do get presents they will use, it can become frustrating when you are struggling with what to buy them yourself.

It doesn’t help when you ask your children, they don’t always know what they want either.  This morning my son said to me “I have my ipad, Alexa and keyboard – why would I want something else?”   When I asked how he would feel if he woke up to no presents, he said “there’ll be chocolate in the house though so I will still be happy”.  Yes, he really is my son with his love of chocolate but this doesn’t help when we are being rang almost daily to be asked for ideas of what he would like.

Let us help you.

Ask family and friends who are looking for ideas to buy your child or young person a ticket for Festability.

They can take advantage of the Early Bird offers which will end before Christmas.  They will also be able to download a gift certificate to give to your child on Christmas Day.

What are you waiting for?

Forward this to them and let them know that this would be a perfect gift.  They can give the certificate to your child at Christmas and your child can visit the site to watch the countdown clock to the big day.

Get your tickets

You can head over to our ticket shop to purchase tickets.  Early Bird tickets are still available but remember, the prices will increase after Christmas so get in early to ensure you don’t miss out



A to Z of Festability

Festability - A to Z

There are now less than 200 days to go.  Tickets are on sale, acts are being confirmed, stands are booking up quickly and we are thrilled with the number of acts and activties we have to offer.

A to Z of Festability

Festability - A to Z

A is for Accessibility (so important), the AutistiX and Abbalicious

B is for Burgers, Beer Tent and Broken Signal

C is for Circus skills, Changing Places suite, Chill out areas and CJ

D is for Disability Friendly, Dance Troupes, Drumming Workshops, DJ Simon Bryant and Derailed

E is for Ear Defenders (may be needed by some) and Exciting!  It’s also for Early Bird tickets – get in quickly, they are going fast!

F is for Field, Family Friendly, Food stalls and Fun Fair!!

G is for Guitars, Glitter Tattos and Gypskazz

H is for Helpers, Hog Roast, Headliners and Hullabaloo

I is for Inflatables, Information Tent and Ice Cream

J is for Jumpers and Juice bars

K is for Karaoke, Kent and a Kind of Mercury

L is for Learning Difficulties, Lanyards and Line Up

M is for Music and Mosh Pits (see how hip and happening we are?)

N is for Noodle bar

O is for Original and octaves

P is for Party, Photos and pioneering

Q is for Quex and Quiet Area

R is for Rock and Rock Choir

S is for Stage, Sounds, Stalls, Sensory Area, Smokin’ Mavericks, Stoned and Shaken Albert

T is for Tent, Tickets and Toilets

U is for Ukulele

V is for Vans

W is for Weather and Wheelchair Friendly

X is for Xylophone

Y is for Yannis and YOU!

Z is for Zzzzzz


Tickets are now on sale.  Early Bird tickets are available (but going fast) so get in quickly.

If, like many others, you are buying these tickets as a Christmas gift, let us know by emailing Debs@festability.co.uk and she will send you a Christmas voucher download so you don’t have to spend hours trying to come up with something to put in the envelope – we’ve all been there!


Tickets are on sale

Tickets for Festability

Tickets for Festability are now available.

Early Bird Tickets

We have some Early Bird tickets available but these are limited, so get in quick!

Tickets for FestabilityCarers Tickets

We have made the decision to offer the ticket at much reduced prices from those of similar events, so that people can afford to pay for carers tickets.

As much as we would love to offer free carer tickets, this is an event for people with disabilities so we could potentially have 50% of our tickets being free.

This would mean us having to really limit the acts and activities appearing to cover the costs of the day.

The cost of other extras being provided to ensure this really is a fully inclusive event all add up.

We do hope you understand.

Buy your tickets now

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