Christmas is just around the corner, and with that comes the thought of New Year.

Most of us (please say it’s not just me) start to think “Oh it’s only a few weeks to Christmas, I’ll start my good intentions again in January.  New Year, New Me and all that”.

We set ourselves goals to be fitter, slimmer, more productive, more healthy in the forthcoming year.

Usually by the 10th January however, we are sat back on the couch with a box of Christmas chocolates we found forgotten at the back of the cupboard.

Foot Forward for Festabilitylet us help you keep on track in January.

There is evidence that the real challenge of achieving a goal is getting into the habit of going to the gym, eating healthily, etc. So let us help you get into the habit of being more active.

We are organising a sponsored Virtual Walk to help raise funds for Festability. You walk, you get fitter, you tone those thighs and at the same time you raise funds for Festability.

On the days when the sofa is calling you, you know you have to get up and walk in order to meet your goal.

We will also be presenting medals to everyone who completes their challenge.

What is a Virtual Walk?

You walk when you can. Either out on the streets, on a treadmill or marching on the spot in front of the TV (anyone who owns a fitness watch of any kind will have done this at some point)

How Far do I need to Walk?

You can choose to walk

  • the coast line of Kent – 207 miles (approx. 13,000 steps a day),
  • half the coast line of Kent – 103.5miles (approx. 6,500 steps a day) or
  • you can choose a challenge for you.

There are some people out there who regularly hit 20k steps a day while others (me) struggle to hit 5k steps a day so, if the coast of Kent seems beyond you, or perhaps you think you could do that twice (in a week – show off), you can choose your own goal.

You just have to complete your challenge anytime in January 2018.

How do I claim my medal?

You will need to send us evidence of your achievement.

Email with a screenshot of your Fitbit or Garmin dashboard, your Apple Watch Health App or any Fitness watch.

No Fitness Watch?

There are also free apps such as MapMyWalk and Strava you can use. Or you can even send us a screenshot of the treadmill display.

Once have proof from you of your achievement, your medal will be sent to you

How do I sign up?

We are asking people to register for the event. There is a £10 registration fee but this can be deducted from any sponsorship you make. So for example, if you manage to raise £50 sponsorship, you only pay us £40.

If you fail to complete the event, consider the £10 registration fee as a donation to Festability.

Register by purchasing your £10 Registration Fee in our Shop

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