As we are sure you can imagine, the cost of putting Festability on can be rather immense (who knew how much barriers, stages and lighting could cost!!)  We have been approached by a number of people and organisations asking how they can support Festability so we have put together a variety of packages.

£5 support for Festability

Starting from just £5, we are offering people and organisations the chance to support Festability.

With each package, we have shared what this will help us to cover the cost of and also what you can expect in return.

For example, £10 helps us to pay for five people to use the accessible bus to/from the station and £25 helps us to pay for two wheelchairs users to access Mobiloo.

In return, we will have a public Thank you page where we can share your name and contribution.  If you prefer to remain anonymous that it also possible, just email

£1000 support for FestabilityOrganisations, who may like to contribute more, can help us to cover the cost of the stages and marquees and in return, we will promote them on our home page and have banners around the venue.

The more they can afford to contribute, the more we can promote them – for example with logos on our lanyards, stalls and complimentary tickets for some friends or work colleagues.

To find out more, head over to our Support page to find out about the event and why you should support us, or if you are already committed, head over to our Support Packages page where you can pay online.

Should you, as an organisation, prefer to support via cheque or require an invoice, then please get in touch with

Other ways to support Festability

We do appreciate that for some people it is just not possible to make a financial contribution, so you can support us by buying a ticket and/or merchandise.

Alternatively, you could sign up as a volunteer for the day.

One thought on “Support Festability”

  1. Hi,
    Why don’t you invite Heart n Soul? To perform & attend, too.
    H n S has lots of music performers as well as music fans who are all learning disabled.
    If you do, we could all go together!
    Tess (parent of teen with LFA & intellectual disability)

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