We have been totally overwhelmed at all the help and support we have been given by so many people and organisations.   From helping with event management to volunteering on the day, from providing services for little or no cost to sponsoring acts or events.

The response has been pretty amazing.

University of Kent has come through with a really useful offer for Festability.

Ear Defenders

We are thrilled to announce that they have provided us with a number of disposable ear defenders for the day.

For many of the people attending, it may be their first ever Festival or live event, so they won’t know what to expect.  We would hate you to have to leave shortly after arriving just because the noise was too much.

We have about 100 disposable ear defenders and we also have about 15 non-disposable ones.

The disposable ear defenders are free (although a small donation towards Festability 2019 would be great – if you can but we totally understand if you can’t).  However, the non-disposable ones will have a £10 deposit as these will need to be returned to us.

If you think there is a chance you may need ear defenders on the day, email debs@festability.co.uk to be added to the list.



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