Earlier this week, we announced new merchandise for this year – something we didn’t offer last year.  Immediately people have started to buy the shirts and wristbands but we had a few of you ask about baseball caps.

Well, of course we listened.  This is your festival after all.

Festability BaseBall CapWe are thrilled to announce that we have now added a limited stock of baseball caps to our merchandise.

Again, this can be pre-ordered before the event, to be collected on the day.

The image shows the cap with our logo in Yellow.  However, we have a selection of yellow, purple, pink and blue logos available.  If you have a preference, email Debs (debs@festability.co.uk) after you have ordered online and we will make sure your colour of choice is put to one side for you.  Alternatively, you can decide on the day.

You can also find these items on our Merchandise page

There’s only 57 days to go!  

Have you got your tickets yet?

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you can buy online before the event at a much cheaper rate than on the day.

Pop over to our Tickets page to see what works best for you – a few single tickets or a family ticket.  Remember, you cannot buy family tickets on the day, only single tickets will be available.

Already bought a ticket?

If you have already bought your ticket, they will start to be posted out later this month – they look amazing, such a great memento of the day.




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