Last year, we had such an amazing line up of Acts.  The feedback was great, something for everyone and we thought “it’s a little bit funny” how people have such different tastes.

This year, we wanted to change the line up a bit.  We thought “hey kids, shake it loose together” to keep it fresh.

“Got a feeling we will meet again”

We invited back three of the bands from last year.  Well actually, they asked as soon as they had finished if they could come back, they loved the whole event and didn’t want to miss out this year.

Welcome back to The AutistiX, Smokin’ Mavericks and Shaken Albert.

We are really delighted to see them back for another year.  They were all really popular last year so we can’t wait to see their performances this year.

“Your feet just can’t keep still”

New to Festability 2019, we are thrilled to welcome

“Can you feel the love tonight?”

The organisers soaked through at Festability 2018

Last year, the heavens opened as we reached the end of the day but many of you stayed to the bitter end.

Our Freddie Mercury tribute was a great way to end the day.  Songs we all know and can sing along to.  It didn’t matter that the rain had appeared, no one wanted to miss out on the final sing along.

That set the bar high and we have given a lot of thought to how we ended Festability this year.

We are thrilled to announce who is going to be our final act of Festability 2019.

We have dropped several clues throughout the post, and we are sure most of you will have worked it out by now.

    • Breaking down the barriers
    • It’s a little bit funny
    • Hey kids, let’s shake loose together
    • Got a feeling we will meet again
    • Your feet just can’t keep still
    • Can you feel the love tonight?

Yes, you guessed it.  They are all lyrics or titles from Elton John songs.

This year, our final act is Elton Towers – an Elton John Tribute.

Elton Towers - Elton John Tribute - Festability 2019

Will you be joining us to do the Crocodile Rock at the end of the event?


Don’t forget you can buy your tickets online or at some selected venues.

Get your tickets in advance as they will cost more on the day and family tickets won’t be available at the gates.

We can’t wait to see you all on 11 May.  It promises to be another great day.



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