We are delighted to confirm that Shaken Albert will be joining us at Festability on 12 May.

‘.A five piece cover band from Kent, covering only the best rock and indie music from the last six decades”

A quick chat with Shaken Albert:

Tell us how the band came about

The band formed in October 2016, we wanted to create a band that didn’t just do the classic indie pop music;  we wanted to try and bring some of the other songs from that genre to life that people loved but may have forgotten about.

Where is the strangest place you have ever played a gig?

We don’t really have a strange place that we gigged they have all been pretty good. we did a gig last year that was supposed to be a 40th birthday party and turned into a wedding which we had no idea was going to happen if we had known we might have prepared our set-list a little better.

Which band member makes the band laugh the most

Everyone in the band is funny in there own way, we all make each other laugh but our bass player Andy probably makes us laugh the most.

Biggest audience you have played to?

The biggest audience was probably our debut gig at the Sheppey Pirates Festival 2017. Even though the weather was miserable for most of the day the crowds stayed and it was great night an amazing experience. We are playing the Iwade Rock Festival this year which will beat that and of course Festability which will no doubt beat the pirates festival too..

Hot dog or Burger?

Burger with cheese of course!!

why are you keen to play at festability?

We first heard about Festability from a friend of ours and when i found out exactly what the festival was for and who it would be helping i knew right there and then we had to email you guys as we all wanted to help out. To be a part of something that is going to do so much good for the people that need it is amazing. Its a fantastic idea and im sure that it will be everything everyone is expecting and i hope we get to come back next year and help out again..

Find out more:

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